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In Focus: Oz Wroe

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Huntington Beach local and gifted water photographer, Oz Wroe, steps into the spotlight  for this week’s “In Focus”.

Oz received his first camera from his dad at the ripe young age of 10. It was an old school, manual film camera, and Oz was stoked.  “I developed all my own film and primarily shot black and white until about 2004,” said Oz.

“When I first made the switch to digital, the medium wasn’t as inspiring for me until the newer cameras started shooting video and stills,” said Oz.

He was super psyched when the new pro digital cameras hit the  ground running a few years ago, that showcased some impressive professional quality photo and video capabilities.

This phenomenal change in hardware inspired him to start up his own gig: Oz Visuals (www.ozvisuals.com).  “My goal is to flood peoples senses with impacting images, fluid motion and killer music… to get more than skin deep in photos,” said Oz.

As a fellow surf bum himself, Oz has figured out a master plan to stitch his two infatuations together, almost seamlessly.  “I started shooting from land, from piers, jetties… anything to get me closer to the surfers.  My true love, though, has always been being in the water.” said Oz.

He’s got buddies at Del Mar Housing Projects (www.delmarhousings.com), who help him out with all his camera water housing needs. And I must say: It’s a great thing to have masterfully skilled friends that do this particular type of thing (it’s kind of like having an honest mechanic)… water housings must be built like tanks and must be built with extreme precision. Not an easy task to achieve. And, if done incorrectly… bye bye expensive camera.

Oz says, “My bros at Del Mar Housing Projects built my custom housing that allows me to get into some gnarly situations.  Out in the elements, there is a special connection made between a photographer and a surfer. The best part is that surfers try to rip extra hard when I’m out there. I love it.”

Oz has all the enthusiasm anyone could ever need to get into this line of work. With raw talent, a sharp eye, and camera bag loaded with proper gear… Oz is doing the ocean, and it’s fans, a noble service.

“I can’t wait to shoot the lucky winners of THE GREENROOM SWEEPSTAKES!” said Oz. He’s even going to offer up a one-of-kind 20×30 print of your favorite shot from the session… talk about good karma. Check out the link above for info on how to enter and win a surf photo shoot with Oz and Diane Edmonds!

Cheers Oz!


Quick Facts/Information


Web: www.ozvisuals.com
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite spot to shoot: : Newps
Fun Fact: “My yellow lab, Blake, once escaped from his babysitter and met up with me in the lineup!”

*If you’d like to be featured as a Solspot “In Focus” photographer, contact jon@solpsot.com … Shaka!

  • Ali

    Great article & insane pics!

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    Oz is the best!

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