Smaller surf on the horizon… stay tuned.

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Austin Gendron
(Wednesday) 8.22.18

Short Range Surf Forecast Overview

Hope everyone isn’t too antsy for surf…. Things are continuing to look pretty quiet through the end of the week and weekend unfortunately.  There could be a little bit of wind swell creeping in early next week.  Most notable part of the forecast looks like its probably going to be a pulse of S-SSW (185-195) arriving mid-next week.  Read more for details.

Get the live Southern California Buoy Forecast graph here - http://solspot.com/buoy/oceanside-offshore/forecast.

Pretty small looking surf through the rest of the week, with a little uptick in wind swell this weekend.  Overall the mix of SSW (190-210) and extra wind swell in the water could mean some playful knee to chest high waves at standouts over the next few days.

The southern hemi aspect of the swell is supposed to back off more through the start of next week, but wind swell could pick up a little more.  It wont be much of a trade off, but depending on exposures should still mean some surfable waves.

Next swell comes from a brewing system south of the Pitcairn Islands.  It’s not very ideal because its focusing most of its energy towards Tahiti.  It’s still a pretty far north storm though, and at least some of the fetch is aimed in a northerly direction, so we should be able to get some of that radial dispersion… just wont be as powerful and potent a storm as it could have been.  From the current looks of things we’re going to see some 16 second energy arriving next Wednesday.  It’s going to be a bit inconsistent, but standouts could see a couple feet of deepwater swell pulsing at times, with wave heights in the waist to chest high+ range.

Here’s what to expect on a day-to-day basis this week:

Wednesday the 22nd Swell mix is on the smaller side with wave heights in the knee to waist high+ range for most areas.

Thursday the 23rd standout southerly exposures will continue to see knee to waist high+ waves, possibly a little bigger still when the tide is working

Friday the 24th The mix of southern hemi and wind swell continues to ring knee to chest high surf to standouts

Saturday the 25th swell mix holds with knee to waist high+ surf at standouts.

Sunday the 26th Southern hemi swell starts to ease as wind swell holds.

Monday the 27th SSW swell continues to slowly back off as wind swell picks up a little. Wave hieghts expected to be knee to waist high

Tuesday the 28th surf remains on the smaller side.

Tropical Overview

Tropics are quiet… for now.

Long-Range Surf and Swell Forecast

North Pacific Swell Forecast

There’s some typhoon action going on at the moment but none of it is going to send swell towards California.

South Pacific Swell Forecast

Long-range models quiet down a bit.  That could change, but for the time being it only looks like smaller southern hemi swell mix (waist high max) as far out as I can see.  When something changes I’ll be back with updates.  Stay tuned

Austin Gendron
Surf Forecaster