A little more wind, a touch of drizzle, and a fading swell mix expected for Wednesday

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Adam Wright
(Tuesday) 10.14.14

Forecast Overview

The surf drops a bit more on Wednesday while conditions start to turn a bit funky. Look for a mix of fading swell from earlier in the week along with a weak pocket of low pressure moving over the area, which will hamper surf shape by draining out some of the size and add a mix of weak drizzle and shifty winds that stick around for most of the day.

The Swell

The WNW-NW swell (285-300) continues to back down on Wednesday, slowly shifting from a more medium-period pulse to a shorter-period windswell. The combo of background S-SW swells (180 and 200-220) will blend with some local windswell to help round out the swell mix, however it will only slow down the fading surf sizes rather than offer up any new waves.

The Surf

Wave heights dip down a bit more on Wednesday…of course the added wind texture and gloomy weather won’t help out the perception of the surf quality either. Look for the average exposed spots, both the WNW and S-SW facing beaches, to have knee-waist high surf with some less consistent chest high sets. The standout spots will be in the knee-chest high range with some inconsistent shoulder high lines that will continue to sneak through on the lower tides.

Get more details on how this swell will affect your favorite spots in the Surf Region Forecasts:

The Weather

An upper-level low pressure slips over the coast on Wednesday, arriving right before sunrise, which will set up another day of cloudy skies, areas of dense fog, and a slight chance (20%) of some light rain that is supposed to stay in the forecast till about 11am. Eventually we will see partly cloudy skies in the afternoon but air temps will not likely change all that much. Winds will be a shifty mix of modest onshore flow from the S-SW around 3-5 knots. A few spots may have some slightly cleaner pockets but overall plan on some texture at the more exposed areas. All beaches will have building SW-W winds in the 10-15 knot range by the late afternoon.

The Skinny

Wednesday isn’t looking like that great of a surf day…there will still be some rideable pockets at the more protected beaches…but they will be fewer and spread out throughout the region. The fading swell mix will still have enough energy to throw together a few playful peaks but the sketchy winds and chance of funky weather will chunk up a lot of the more exposed beaches that would have been the best call for this sort of swell mix. The good news is that these sort of cold fronts are a bit unstable, which means it could swing either way (bad or good), and they won’t affect the whole Socal region all at the same time…so if you have a little time and don’t mind spending a few minutes checking the cameras and wind stations in the morning you might be able to find something worth riding…however if the winds do come in stronger at the start of the day, plan on them just getting worse as we move into the afternoon.

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