Adam Wright
(Monday) 8.9.10

Adam’s Forecast for Monday – A few playful ones on the fading S-SW mix

Monday will be surfable, but there will be a touch of eddy, the S-SW swell mix will be slowly fading, and the tides will be a bit high…all of which may keep it from being too much fun.

In the water we will have a mix of fading S-SW swell (190-210), some small local windswell (mostly in the afternoon), and some weak Southern Hemi leftovers.

Sizewise the average spots, mostly the S-SW facing breaks, will be in the knee-waist high range,
While the standouts SW facing breaks, mostly through South OC and North SD, see some inconsistent chest-shoulder high sets…particularly on the lower tides.

Winds will be light and variable with some slight eddy circulation in the morning. Most spots will have winds below 5-knots and even the more southerly exposed spots won’t get enough bump to really junk up the surf. The winds shift more to the W and come in around 10-15 knots by the afternoon. Check out the winds on the NOAA site…

And here is how the swell breaks down in a few of the various regions (you can click on the links for the live versions) of those 5-day summaries.


North LA  - http://www.solspot.com/activity/surf/sub-region/index.php?id=6

South Orange County   - http://www.solspot.com/activity/surf/sub-region/index.php?id=3

North San Diego  - http://www.solspot.com/activity/surf/sub-region/index.php?id=2



Like the last few days…I am not super excited the swell mix or now the little bit of wind than is going to slip through early in the morning. It will be rideable, but the building tide and mostly small waves will keep things soft. I would probably plan on sticking with the small wave gear, and trying to hunt out the really shallow sandbars (or high-tide reefs). The morning looks best thanks to the lighter winds and lower tides but you should be able to have some fun, if you have a good attitude, up through the middle of the day…then the wind is just going to piss you off, and bye-bye good attitude.



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