Holding WNW-NW mix on tap for Sunday morning along with another swampthing high tide…but swell more builds in through the afternoon

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Adam Wright
(Saturday) 10.18.14

Forecast Overview

Sunday will see some rideable, even fun waves showing at the more exposed spots. Unfortunately we will be struggling with another early morning high tide that will slow down shape and even knock down some of the size at the more sensitive breaks. We will see new WNW swell arriving throughout the day…with bigger waves hitting by the afternoon.

The Swell

More WNW-NW swell (285-300) will be on tap for Sunday morning. The WNW’er will be mixing with some smaller, less consistent S-SW swells (180-220) and some long-period energy from the WNW-NW (280-300) that will start to fill in as we move through the day. We can expect the new WNW swell to become the primary swell as we move into the afternoon.

The Surf

Sunday morning’s surf will be pretty similar to Saturday…the high tide will be slowing down shape and consistency for many areas. The average spots will start in the knee-chest high range with a few random bigger sets showing at the breaks that can handle a bit more of the higher tide. The standout WNW-NW facing spots and excellent combo breaks will be in the waist-shoulder high range with a few rare head high sets starting to poke through the high tide at the best high-tide spots. All of the exposed areas will start to see bigger, more consistent WNW-NW surf showing as the tide drops and we move into the second part of the day.

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The Weather

Partly cloudy skies, patchy fog, and some relatively thick marine layer will be on tap for the next couple of mornings. We will see mostly sunny skies move in by midday as we head into the afternoon. Winds will be on the modest side with light/variable flow and speeds around 0-2 knots for the morning. The winds will build out of the W-WNW around 10-15 knots later in the afternoon.

The Skinny

Unfortunately it looks like the tide is taking a bigger bite out of the surf size than I anticipated on Saturday. The swell is still about the same size as we saw on Friday but the extra water on the beach (and still tweaked sandbars) are definitely slowing things down. The bad news is that this will likely be the case on Sunday as well. We will still have a decent mix of swell in the water but the 4.5’-5’ high tide that hits at 7:30am will definitely slow down the shape, consistency, and size for most of the more tide sensitive spots. Fortunately it does look like the wind will stay on the lower side at least until midday, so we may be able to wait out the tide and still get a few waves before the wind totally wrecks it. Waiting for the tide to drop will have its risks…if your break gets windy and choppy easily you may want to at least check it earlier in the day while the conditions are clean, you might find that you don’t mind the slower surf with the cleaner conditions. Really your best bet will be to stick to the spots with good exposure to the swell, some wind protection, and that don’t mind the higher tides…I know it is sort of like hunting for bigfoot (or a unicorn) but there are a handful of breaks that do work on these sort of conditions. Oh and if you find bigfoot in the lineup, I wouldn’t drop in on him. (I hear he’s cranky)

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