Monday looks playful with holding WNW-NW swell and clean conditions

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Adam Wright
(Sunday) 10.19.14

Forecast Overview

Monday will have some rideable waves showing at the well exposed spots. Of course we will still need to power through another fat morning tide, and not all of our breaks are doing that well with this particular swell mix, but winds will be light and that will help us wait out the high tide and see some better shape before the onshore bump starts.

The Swell

The blend of WNW-NW swell (285-300) will hold into Monday morning. The swell angle will be slowly shifting more NW’erly, reflecting the storms track into the Pacific NW, but another set of WNW energy arrives right on the tail of the first and should start to fill in the gaps left by the dropping swell. Smaller, less consistent, but still rideable S-SW swells (180-220) hold in the background keeping some weak lines hitting the S facing beaches and adding some better shape to the combo spots.

The Surf

Look for most areas to be in the knee-chest high range in the morning…while the purely S-SW facing spots stay on the smaller side of the range (and will be less consistent too). There may be a few chest-high+ lines showing as the tide drops and the new swell starts to show…but it will be race to see how much wind will get to it. The standout NW facing spots will be in the waist-shoulder high range…starting off a little soft with the high tide…but then becoming faster and more consistent as it drops. Expect a few shoulder-head high sets to show at the spots with some decent combo exposure or nice solid sandbar.

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The Weather

Look for partly sunny skies in the morning with clearing skies in the afternoon and comfortable but not super warm air temps. Most beaches will see light/variable winds with some light offshore texture (if the landbreeze sets up a bit overnight) but overall speeds will be around 0-2 knots. Expect building onshore flow around midday and then W winds around 10-14 knots as we move into the afternoon.

The Skinny

Monday will see rideable but soft surf as we start the morning. The good high tide spots will be the exception to that, if they have some decent WNW-NW exposure, but even those may slow down as the tide peaks. Again I would look for spots with exposure to the swell mix, particularly combo spots that have both some wind protection and a shallow enough sea-floor setup to handle the tide. The high tide peaks around 8am…so we will see some improvement in our shape as the tide drops through mid-morning and on through lunchtime…but like most of these morning swampthing days it will be a close race between increasing onshore flow and the dropping tide…keep your fingers crossed that the tides win on Monday.

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