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Adam Wright
(Thursday) 8.19.10

New, but small SW swell, builds into Socal on Thursday.

Thursday will be rideable…maybe even sort of fun/surfable if you can hit a SW facing spots early enough in the morning, before the tide tries to kill it.

In the water we are going to have a mix of the seeming never-ending S-SW blend (180-220 that is always there but never big enough to do much from keeping it flat). However there will be a stronger SW swell (200-220) moving in throughout the day, likely peaking in the afternoon, while it mixes with the S-SW leftovers and weak local windswell.

Sizewise…don’t expect anything special…average S-SW facing breaks will be in the ankle-knee high range with some rare waist high sets on the tide push or at breaks that like a couple of extra feet of tide. The standout SW facing spots in South OC and North SD, will have similar knee-waist high waves with some inconsistent chest high sets mixing in on the tide push. There may be a few shoulder high sets sneaking in later in the day as the new SW fills in a bit more.

Winds are ok looking…sort of light/variable in the morning with a bit of instability in a few of the more exposed areas. Basically it will be clean around sunup, and should stay surfable, if slightly textured, for the first few hours. W-WNW winds around 10-12 knots move in by the afternoon along with some 15-knot gusts hitting the really exposed spots. One thing to keep in mind is this funky humidity, besides making it uncomfortable to wear underwear, it can sometimes help knock down the wind near sundown…just saying you might want to keep an eye on conditions, there might be a shot at a semi-cleanup if your break has some natural wind protection.

I new I should have gotten batman!

Again, even with the new swell it looks like the small-wave gear is the best call…that an spots that can handle the extra higher tide. They don’t need to be able to survive a 7’ high….just a 3- to 3.5-footer. I would look for the cleanest surf around sunup…along with some semi-favorable tides.

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