Offshore winds help clean up conditions while small combo swell keeps things playful

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Adam Wright
(Tuesday) 4.14.15

Forecast Overview

Wednesday will see some cleaner conditions along with a playful mix of windswell, some WNW-NW swell, and some Southern Hemi energy. While our surf won’t be all that big the improvement in conditions and increase in consistency will keep things fairly fun for most of the exposed areas.

The Swell

The blend of S-SW swell (180-220) will get a small boost on Wednesday along with a jump up in our local WNW-NW windswell (285-300). Of course these new swells are overlapping some fading pulses from the weekend, but they should do a decent job picking up the slack from the older swells.

The Surf

The surf will be a little slow in the morning…we have a 5’ high tide around 7am…which will leave a little room for the before-sunrise dawn patrollers, but not much. Fortunately winds stay pretty manageable for most of the first half of the day, which will give the tides a chance to back down and speed up the wave shape. Once we have a more balanced tide we can expect most spots to be in the knee-chest high range with a few chest-shoulder high sets at the average combo spots. The standout breaks, mostly the excellent combo beaches, will have surf in the waist-shoulder high range with some shoulder-head high peaks sneaking through on the lower tides.

Get more details on how this swell will affect your favorite spots in the Surf Region Forecasts:

The Weather

Weather warms up on Wednesday as we kick off the day with sunny skies and increasing coastal air temps. Our winds will be a mix of light to moderate offshore flow from the N-NE…with a few pockets of stronger offshore flow hanging around the passes and canyons from Santa Monica Northward. Look for most areas to have NE winds around 5-10 knots with some 15-20 knot gusts possible at the windier breaks. All areas will see winds shift onshore from the W-NW around 10-13 knots later in the day.

The Skinny

Wednesday is looking like a fun surf day…again nothing super exciting thanks to the smaller swell mix…but clean and workable at the breaks that like the blend of combo swell and offshore winds (and really who doesn’t like that blend). I would keep an eye on the tide sensitive spots…we have a mid-morning high tide peaking around 5’ that will slow things down, but fortunately the winds and weather look like they will stay organized enough that we can surf through the backside of the tide swing and get a few faster waves as the extra water drains away.

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