Rideable but slightly smaller swell mix on tap for Thursday…offshore winds help to ride out the morning high tide

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Adam Wright
(Wednesday) 4.15.15

Forecast Overview

Offshore winds continue to keep our small but playful surf nice and clean on Thursday. The surf, while not super exciting, will hang in the rideable/playful range for most spots, however a few of the top combo breaks will have some faster more workable set waves. High tide will slow down shape for the morning but expect improvements as we head toward lunchtime.

The Swell

Overlapping S-SW swells (180-220) will continue to blend with some WNW-NW energy and local NW windswell on Thursday.

The Surf

Not a lot of change to our surf on Thursday…the SPAC swells weaken slightly along with the WNW-NW energy. We will see some of that recover as we move into the afternoon, but it may leave us with a little less power and consistency than we would normally want. With the offshore flow we should be able to wait out the worst of the high tide that peaks around 8am…and once the tides get more balanced we will see the average spots hang in the knee-chest high range while the standout spots see some inconsistent shoulder high sets.

Get more details on how this swell will affect your favorite spots in the Surf Region Forecasts:

The Weather

Mix of light to moderate Santa Ana conditions are expected to continue on Thursday. The overall wind speeds near the coast haven’t been too strong, but there are a few areas that are funneling stronger offshore flow out of the passes and canyons. Most beaches will have NE winds in 5-10 knot range while a few of the windier breaks see some 15 knot gusts at times. Look for building W-NW winds in the 8-10 knot range by later in the afternoon.

The Skinny

Thursday will start off a little swampy with the high tide, however the decent offshore flow should keep a few of the better high tide breaks fairly playful. The good news is that the winds will stay either light/moderate offshore through mid-morning (or at least light/variable) so we will still have some clean conditions as the tides start to drop to more reasonable levels. Look for the biggest and most consistent waves at the combo beach breaks (the ones that can handle the tides)…however expect some playful surf at the points/reefs as well…just not as big as the better combo spots.

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  • tyler

    Is Solspot on its way out? For Adam and the team’s sake I sure hope not. Best forecasts around, but only when they’re happening…