Adam Wright
(Tuesday) 8.31.10

Small and Clean with a few nuggets still hiding out there

Wednesday will be a surf day…not a great surf day, not a big surf day…just sort of slow and fun, with sunny skies, and clean morning conditions.

Our swell will be a mix of overlapping S through SW swells (180-220) from a few small storms in the South Pacific. I am even seeing some long-period SW energy (220) on a few of the buoys from a storm way over by New Zealand that probably got chewed up passing through the SPAC island shadow. In the background there will also be a touch of local NW windswell that will keep the NW spots from going flat and a few bigger waves showing at the combo spots.

Most breaks will be in the ankle-knee high range…with a rare plus if the break does particularly good on the windswell or the S-SW mix. The top combo spots, mostly through OC and parts of SD, will be in the knee-waist high range with some waist-chest high sets sneaking in on that morning tide push. Expect some longer waits for the set waves.

Winds will be good in the morning…light and variable to even light-offshore in a few of the areas around SB/VEN/LA that have some passes and canyons near the beach. Overall expect clean conditions for most of the morning with onshore wind pushing in around 10-11…depending on where you are (and if you have anything to break up the wind). Look for W winds around 10-14 knots to develop by late in the afternoon.

Again, despite the gaggle of So. Hemi swells, NW windswell combo, and morning low tide…don’t expect a ton out of the surf. It will be rideable, especially with big boards, or those really thick fishy/eggy shapes, but it won’t be all that consistent and you might end up sitting around for a while even on the bigger boards. I think the best breaks will be the best exposed combo beach breaks in the morning…where you get to take advantage of the cleaner conditions and morning tide push…but if you are a late riser you might be able to get a couple of fun ones around mid-morning if you have a spot that likes a little tide and the winds hold off.


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  • kelly sl8r

    fish/egg boards dont count as big boards??/ I’m confused….

  • c

    9’0 and up are usually ‘big’.

    • kelly sl8r

      so glad i live in newport and dont have to deal with many surfers who’s “standard board” is something most of us could ”sup”on… good stuff this morning pretty fun

    • c

      i live in newport, its nice to have a site that does not only focus on small wave craft like all the others do. i dont mind dealing with surfers whos ‘standard board’ is something we could all ‘knee surf’ on.

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