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Adam Wright
(Wednesday) 8.25.10

Waves for Wednesday – Now with more S-Swell!

Wednesday will be a surf morning…but winds aren’t looking quite as friendly as they have been the last couple of days. It still looks clean in the morning…but a general onshore chunkiness starts to pick up midmorning and may hamper the shape at the more exposed spots.

The new S swell is filling in more this evening…you can see it on our buoy pages…check out the dominate swell periods in the very far right column.

For those of you buoy-nerds out there….you can see the live version of this page here…


This new S swell will continue to build overnight and will mix with the combo of leftover S-SW swell and windswell as we head into Wednesday.

Most exposed spots will be in the chest-shoulder high range on Wednesday with some inconsistent head high sets mixing in on the best parts of the tide swing. The standout S facing breaks, mostly the best spots in OC, will have some shoulder-head high surf with some occasional overhead sets. Expect a little inconsistency on the bigger waves as the swell mix shuffles around a big…but the exposed spots will see some playful/decent sized waves when the sets show.

Winds are look ok…not great…but not horrible either. The early morning will be nice and clean…most breaks will have light/variable to light/offshore flow early….a few of the breaks down near the Mexico border may actually have some subtle onshore flow. Look for the onshore bump to pick up early…hitting 5-8 knots at the exposed areas by midday and then 10-15 knots by late in the afternoon.

Like I said…it looks like a fun surf morning…and an ok surf day…but the wind may funk things up at the more sensitive spots. I think the points/reefs are going to be the most fun…while the beach breaks stay on the walled side, with a bit of extra current to work against. Still I wouldn’t totally write-off the sand bottom breaks…a good bar, or something to break up the swell, could keep things pretty surfable.


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