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(Monday) 10.8.12

Surf Labor Profile – Rib Guard

A few weeks ago we met with Jack, owner and inventor of a product called Rib Guard. Rib Guard is an interesting product. The best way to describe it is a rash guard combined with a catcher’s chest protector. That’s the simple explanation – the real deal explanation is Jack and his team has rethought the rash guard and increased the lycra percentage so his high density (light and water resistant) foam pad can securely fasten to the protector. Check out the interview he did at the Boardroom Surfboard Show.

Jack hooked us up with a demo product and we’ve tested it a couple times. The product lives up to the promise of protecting your ribs – no problem. When you paddle laying on top of the cushy foam you don’t get any rub pain and it lets you surf longer. Not only longer, but you can get back in the water more often. After 3 or 4 days of extended sessions my ribs are killing me. With this, you are pretty much assured no pain in the ribs.

I can already see how this product will evolve over time. I for sure can see the pad getting a little longer. When I surfed a couple times it was on the edge of my ribs. A quick adjustment and I was golden. Jack mentioned an easy solve for this was to wear the Rib Guard under a wetsuit and it would lock in place. The other thing we talked about was a loop so you can tie it to your board shorts. This will be huge for the warm water surfers – the guys who are typically just in boardies. It’ll help for sure.

If you are a heavy surfer or frequently get rib pain you should check out this puppy. We’ve got a medium (it’s better to buy a size smaller) and we would be more than happy to send it to you to demo. If you pay for the shipping we’ll send it to you. Try it out for a week and send it back.

Here’s to more time in the water.

We met with Jack at The Boardroom and discussed our feedback on the product. He took the input wholeheartedly and immediately moved into production of a longer pad for surfers with a larger torso and is adding a loop to tie to your boardshorts. Solid.

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