Aaron Chang’s New Dark Sky Beach Photography

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Adam Wright
(Saturday) 11.29.14

Surf Photographer Aaron Chang's New Dark Sky Beach Photography from Aaron Chang on Vimeo.

Aaron Chang's has an extensive library of surf photography. His work can be viewed at Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery: www.aaronchang.com.

In this video, Aaron explains the story behind this powerful new sunset photo. Shot in San Diego, Aaron talks about the determination this surfer must have had to go out on a day like this and the passion necessary to master the sport of surfing.

Aaron Chang has traveled to over 52 countries and features an extensive collection of exotic landscape photos, surf photography and wave photography in his photo art gallery located in Solana Beach, California. You can follow Aaron at his surf photography blog: http://www.aaronchang.com/blog.

To inquire about purchasing an Aaron Chang piece, please email: info@aaronchang.com or call: (858)345-1880.

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