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(Sunday) 11.18.12

Body Glove Pr1me Slant Zip 3/2

I love my job. Seriously, about 15 minutes into testing this new wetsuit from Body Glove I realized I am testing wetsuits… so freaking awesome. The wetsuit pretty sweet too.

The Pr1me is Body Glove’s heart of the market suit. It’s not the top of the line suit they offer, Vapor is their big dog.  But that doesn’t mean this suit is short on features…it’s stacked.  As I was doing more research on the suit I was reminded how old school a brand Body Glove is. 60 years in surf – damn. What’s even crazier is I’ve actually never owned a Body Glove wetsuit so went into this test stoked to see their application of 60 years of business.

Entry was no issue with this suit because the neck was super stretchy and easy to climb into. The critical internal pieces – chest and back are made out of Body Glove’s Pyrostretch composite material. This material is their heat preserver and the suit has a generous portion of it; starting right at your chest/back and stretching all the way to your knees.

This suit is stiched and glued on the outside with exposed stitching on the inside. Critical concection points are taped as well. I was surprised to not see seal on the inside but the exterior has Body Glove’s Vaporlock seams with 100% exterior Fluid Seals to prevent water from coming in.

One thing I really liked about the neck zip was the zipper being sewed in. Other suits have the zip on the flap. With this type of construction it was very easy to seal up before surf. The only bummer is that the zipper has a large footprint in the shoulder – the pad is about 3 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. I’m sure as this wetsuit evolves it’ll get smaller over time.

Once in the water I was stoked about the feel. This suit was one of the looser feeling suits – the extra neoprene made it extra comfortable. (I’m a little thick in the center). I was concerned that the extra suit would have allowed lots of water in but no issues. There are staggered slats of the seal material used to get a snug connection with your skin.

Check out this video and there are solid images of the features we just talked about.


Overall real happy with the suit and excited to compare is in the lab against the other wetsuit manufacturers.


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  • Fred

    Best suit hands down.

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