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Carrozza Surfboards

I spent some time with Bob and Chris the last few weeks. We’ve talked a bunch about surf, their philosophy on shaping and what its like to start a surfboard company in today’s world. But before their story we should take a quick tangent.

About a year ago they approached me and said can you write a story on us, we’re just starting this board company. I responded – sorry guys, you gotta prove you’re going to make it. Call me at a year. Well, Bob wrote it down somewhere because about a week before their 1-year anniversary there he was calling again… which really got me stoked. A new company jumped into this niche market and actually survived. So what have they been up to the last year?

Chris will humbly point out that although they’ve been in business here under the label Carrozza Surfboards for a little over a year now, he has 10 years of shaping experience in Hawaii. He studied under Chris Vandervort, Neil Norris, and Tom Parish among others. Chris cites his main shaping influence as non other than great Wade Tokoro.  Bob’s also an avid surfer himself and manages the business end of Carrozza Surfboards (and he freaking shreds – saw it myself).

So what kind of boards do they shape? Primarily shortboards but I’ve demoed their Magic Fish and it was really fun too. It had plenty of volume and was super loose in the open face. I also demoed the BFF (Best Friend Forever) aptly named because this is your “go to” everyday shortboard.

You are reading this going – yeah, great, you got to ride two of their boards, but I am a little hesitant to go to a new shaper. Well my friend they’ve got something that is right up your alley. On JUNE 1 from 7am-10am, Carrozza Surfboards will be doing a board demo.  The demo will be at Southside Huntington Beach Pier and will have about 15 or so boards from their current lineup. The board demo is in partnership with 17th Street Board shop (good on you Bud Llamas) where you can currently find Carrozza models on the racks. Chris and Bob will both be on hand at the board demo to answer all your questions about their shapes. Bob and Chris invite you to RSVP for their June 1st board demo on their facebook page. If you can’t make this demo they will be having more in the future and you can always contact them on their website to reserve a demo board that way as well.

What’s up for year 2 and Carrozza surfboards? Well, they want to make more custom boards for sure. Their goal is to finish a new board every other day (the one thing they did say they are most proud of was delivering a new custom approximately every 3 days during their first year). The boys are looking for a few new shop accounts as well. They also want to expand their team roster (the girls and boys NSSA junior national titles were both just won on Carrozza boards). They’re looking for young talent that have big hearts, care about surfing, rip, and of course want to shred on a Carrozza. Carrozza Surfboards believes wholeheartedly that you get out what you put in. They offer free video and photo support to their team riders through scheduled team sessions so that each team rider can in turn build their own catalogue and have an easier time fulfilling obligations of other sponsors.

Bob & Chris are solid guys. Every time I’ve talked or hung out with them they’ve been super cool, approachable and they don’t carry that stand offish vibe you get from some of the salty dogs in the industry. Perfect example – we were sitting in the lineup and the two were quoting Step Brothers movie lines – My name is Bob but you can call me Dragon. Chris replies – you can call me Night Hawk. As we were laughing a set popped up and the two were coaxing each other to “don’t go left or right, go straight in, yeah that will be sick, straight it, don’t even stand, go on your belly.” Chris went left, pulled a 360 on the face (didn’t land it but was close) and Bob went right carving the face all the way to the shore. Classic

Come on down to the board demo and try them out. If you like the shapes get a new board. You deserve it.

More info:


Bob’s Cell: 714-594-9753 (call anytime)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carrozzasurf


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    Hey Boyz thanks for the love. Great working with you over that last couple weeks

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    Love my board! Great to see this write up. I will hit you up when I need a new one!

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