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(Wednesday) 1.2.13

Solspot Online Store Open

Solspot is proud to announce the opening of our online store. It’s a simple store to start. We’ve got various t-shirts for you to chose from. But what we are really stoked about is the expansion of our Support Surf Labor Initiative.

We believe Surf Shops are the ultimate manifestation and personification of Soul Surfing. There is no way Solspot is going to open an online store that may hurt my local shop. NO WAY! So our store is built from the ground up to help local surf shops grow their business – one at a time. Here’s how.

Every month we will feature a different Surf Shop in our store. We are going to tell you the shop’s story, it’s place in surfing culture and about it’s crew. Their T-shirt will be a featured item in our store. 100% of every sale of their shirt goes to the surf shop. EVERY SINGLE PENNY. We will also contribute 1% of everything we sell with our logo on it to the shop too.

So the shop gets – 100% +1% = 101%. We are calling it 101% for the core.

Our first shop up is 17th Street Boardshop in HB. Owner “The Mayor” of HB, Bud Llamas. For more info about 17th Street check out these links with pics/vids:



To check out the shop – click here http://bit.ly/Solspot_Shop
We are stoked we can do this for local shops and hope you support them by buying their gear. If you are a local shop and want to be featured email Aron (at) Solspot.com



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  • http://www.solspot.com/ Adam Wright

    Hey make sure to check out our awesome new online store…it is so awesome it will make your head explode out of sheer awesomeness. Plus you can help out your local surf shop if they are in the spotlight, which is awesome.

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