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Surf Shop Profile – Chuck Dent

Chuck Dent Surfboards is the quintessential surf shop. You walk in to shitty lighting, the smell of resin and rubber, conversations about a recent session (out front) and then you are smacked in the face with a boatload of surfboards. You could call it board heaven, they’ll tell you it’s just part of The Experience. For those who recognize the name but don’t know the history get ready.

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in Huntington, you’ve noticed some great looking boards with a super-funk, rainbow, Hendrix shaped logo on the deck. This flower-power hippie-love lam is the trademark of The Chuck Dent Experience. We’ve said it before and we say it again, Chuck Dent is the quintessential surf shop. Don’t walk in expecting a Wal Mart greeter or a 16 year old punk to follow you around asking if you need a dressing room. This place is the real deal – spray pain on the wall tells you where the used boards are. Surf stickers that date back to the 1970′s pepper the desk and if you want a t-shirt to prove you’ve visited the shop…just but a board. Hard-goods = Chuck Dent. Jeans = somewhere else.

We stopped by to catch up with long time manager Pat and he was in the middle of showing off some of their new boards. Chuck Dent gets their boards from a number of local guys like Randy Lewis, Tim Stamps, Eisaku Murata, Ian Wright of the Southbay, and then they have their Hawaiian contingent including Cino Magallanes.

The inventory at Chuck Dent is second to none. By my estimates they’ve got 302.5 boards in the shop right now (there was a busted board from that combo swell last week). They vary in shape, size, finish, and float. If you are looking for a new stick and they don’t have it in their arsenal then they will have it made for you. That’s called “service”.

Just think 6-8 weeks after you place an order…a new board. Shennanigans! Says the Chuck Dent team. See, they are a board manufacturer that happens to have retail space. So they are constantly making new sticks and get them done fast. So when they say 3-4 weeks they mean 3-4 weeks.

What’s hot right now? Fish and short fat boards. The three most popular models being: The Bucket Chukkah, The Psyclone, and The Chubby. The Tanker featured below is not for sale, but lots o’ used boards are.

“There’s been a shift in what people are looking for nowadays” Pat explained. “Surfers are asking for boards that are shorter and wider. These boards are more versatile in a wider set of conditions and waves; ultimately lead to a more user-friendly experience”. Pat also went on to explain “the average guy needs better waves than we have on an average day basis to get the most out of a short board. The pros make it look so easy on their potato chips but most guys aren’t that strong or that talented.” So as a result they offer a wide range of boards in the store – satisfying most skill levels.

So how does a little surf shop off 5th street compete with the Monsters on Main? They don’t. They have their crew of loyal customers and locals know. If you’ve never had the pleasure of The Experience now is your time. You won’t be disappointed. Oh shit, almost forgot. They’ve typically got something on sale – right now its full suits 2/3 for $230 and 3/4 for $250.


Web: http://www.chuckdent.com/

Location:  224 5th St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Phone:  (714) 960 – 2882



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  • john

    This store is awesome. Its small and not on main street with the sell outs like Jacks and HSS. The staff is friendly and they have a great selection of boards. The prices are very reasonable.

    • BCS

      100% agree John

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