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(Monday) 7.8.13

Tim Stamps, the quiet craftsman.

If you live in Orange County the name Stamps already means something to you. You know lots of local surfers are riding Surfboards by Stamps. It seems like every time I paddle out in HB I see a couple guys riding his boards… then I smile. For Solspot fans outside OC you may have seen Stamps Surfboards on the pro tour. Both Brett Simpson and Courtney Conlogue are competing on his boards. Our very own Solspot Crew Member Ryan Salazar rides Boards by Stamps. It came as little surprise to us to hear Stamps tell us he’s shaped over 18,700 surfboards in his career. How’d Tim get started?


Tim got into surfing as a grom, starting at 11 years old. He did some NSSA competitions but was more a soul surfer than a comp guy. Always stoked to catch some waves and allured by perennial stoke he started working at Harbour Surfboards when he was 15. Tim was very interested in shaping and shaping legend Rich Harbour took Tim under his wing and started teaching him how to shape.


As a grom at Harbour, Tim started out as the official ding repair guy, shop cleaner, trash man, and apprentice to the man. He was there for 8 to 10 years, it’s hard for Tim to say exactly because there was poor ventilation in the glassing room and some of the days are fuzzy. No, in all seriousness he shaped there for 8 but was also sharing his talents with other shops for the last 2. In 1997 he started his own brand and got a shaping room at FOAM E-Z and shaped there for a few years (thanks Brad). After that he went back to Harbour for another 7 until he opened his own shop. I asked Tim – what made you take the plunge into opening your own business? “You remember when Clark Foam went out of business? That made me decided to open my own shop. I figured if I could survive with the apocalypse on the horizon then I could survive anytime.” And survive he has.


Walk into his shop on any given day and Stamps has a full load of boards that need to go out. He shapes the boards, he’ll glass, he’ll paint, he’ll finish. He can and will do it all. You can feel the sense of ownership and genuine pride in his work. It’s very cool to watch him at work and he’s always working. That’s good news. Seeing the demand for a Stamps Surfboard should speak volumes about the quality of his boards. Nobody wants to buy a board from a slow shaper!


Right now the shop is at 95% capacity and getting a custom Stamps is totally doable but don’t expect it in a week. Be smart. Plan your next purchase. Expect to wait a little longer than usual. Don’t wait until your board is busted then start looking. I know, I know… you didn’t listen. Now what? You can purchase a Stamps off the rack at any of the following Surf Shops: Chuck Dent, Huntington Surf and Sport, Inflight and Seventh Wave Surf Shop.

Important Information

Hometown: HB, CA

Web URL: http://www.surfboardsbystamps.com

Phone: 562.715.6547

Email: ts@surfboardsbystamps.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stampssurf

Instagram: @stamps_surf

Address: 6341 Industry Way Unit L 
Westminster, CA 92683

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  • RideTomRide

    Best boards I have ever had came from Tim. Long, short, mid-length, retro…Tim’s stoke and craft is glassed into every board. And he is a really good guy.

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