Jens Rasmussen
(Thursday) 8.12.10

Great White Shark off San Onofre

SUP Anyone?

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

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  • http://www.solspot.com Adam

    yet another reason that people should be allowed to have a beer or three on the beach at old mans

  • Tim

    That shark seemed more than a little interested. Chuck is lucky that he is still around to post the video.


    That is CRAZY!!!
    ‘ol Chuck is one lucky bastard!!!

  • http://surf.solspot.com/content/surf-articles/cso/great-white-shark-off-san-onofre Derek B.

    Sharks often “bump” into objects they are curious about. This video is insane, you are one psycho dude Chuck.

  • GP

    Wow! That camera would have sunk and I would have had a rooster tail behind that kayak! Nice video

  • AJ

    Holy SH!#! Straight up Jaws!

  • Mikey

    Looks like Chuck almost had to change his name to Chum.

  • JEFF

    I guess a 12ft black paddle board may look like a HUGE seal

  • Will

    Awesome video.


    Chuck should report it to these guys. They compile incidents of attacks and encounters on the west coast.

  • SilentLikeFish

    DAMN, I moved south… they moved south. Maybe it’s me.

  • Smitty

    Oh Sh*t, I was just camping and surfing at trail 4 two days ago. I was in the water for hours.
    I don’t scare easy however ; that will be etched in my brain for ever. Wish I had not seen it.

  • Adele Luttrell

    Chum chum bo bum
    Banana nana fo fum
    fee fi fo fum


  • Dogbreath

    The landlord just happened to be in the area.

  • Kansas

    How far out off the coast are you, Chuck? Not that I would want to be anywhere near a great white. Just curious to know if this is close to the lineup

  • Bob Bob

    I would have SHIT myself

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