Adam Wright
(Thursday) 3.27.08

Baby Beach, Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Baby Beach on the Corona Del Mar side of the harbor entrance is another gadget wave. Most of the time Baby Beach is basically flat…the waves are mellow shorebreak and can barely be ridden by the small kids that flock to this place…in short it is a great place to take your baby.

It does get surfable every once in a blue moon…but you need a massive S-SE swell…basically the same type of swell that would make the Harbor Entrance start to work.

The wave is a right-hander that breaks along the jetty (the south harbor jetty) that faces toward baby beach…the water is pretty deep so the rideable section stays close to the rocks until it reaches shore…then it closes out.

Basically it isn’t a great wave but it can be fun to pick off a few when the other spots are getting too big…and it is always a trip to tell someone that you surfed baby beach on the last big swell.

Spot details:
Best swell direction: A massive S swell.
Best Wind: Light Santa Ana (N-NE winds).
Sea Floor: Jetty rocks and sand.
Best Season: Spring, Summer and Early fall.
Crowds: Lots of little kids on the inside…and near panicked lifeguards when the swell is big enough to make baby beach break.


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  • Anonymous

    The waves are just as big as anywhere else

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to mention CDM locals-when it does break, localism is in flourish. Respect is the name of the game. Ask Richie Collins.

  • collin bryer

    place was 8 ft today

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