Adam Wright
(Tuesday) 2.5.08

Huntington Beach – North City Beach

North City Beach runs from just North of the HB pier up to about Goldenwest St. where the HB Cliffs start. It is a pretty good-sized stretch of beach that is easy to pull a surf-check…you don’t even have to get out of your car, just slide in a spot on PCH and wait for a set to roll in.

Wavewise North City Beach is sort of like a mix between the HB Pier Northside and the cliffs…but it sort of lacks the standout qualities of each. I like to think of this area as sort of a workhorse beach. There is nothing fancy about it. It has a lot of room, you don’t need to surf in a crowd if you don’t want to, and when the other spots are good it is usually good too…just a little less so. It seems like you actually see a lot more of the real HB surfers, the guys that live across the street and surf on Doc’s and Chaz shapes, up around this area.

Like most of HB this region really shines on the combo swells…particularly if you mix in a lower tide and some offshore winds. It does alright on the single swells but has a tendency to get a bit walled. It also gets worked by the higher tide and will generally turn into shorebreak if you get too much water on the beach.

Spot details:
Best swell direction: Combo of S swell (170-195) and WNW swell (270-290).
Best Wind: N-NE-E, light-moderate Santa Ana winds are the best.
Sea Floor: Sand
Best Season: Late summer through Fall
Crowds: Crowds are not generally that bad. It does get a little heavy on weekends and in the summer.

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