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Adam Wright
(Wednesday) 9.1.10

Hurricane Warning Issued for Category 4 Hurricane Earl as he approaches the East Coast

It looks like Hurricane Earl isn’t going to recurve enough to let him pull away from the East Coast…in fact there is now a very good chance that he is going to make landfall (at least partially) along a portion of the Outer Banks and then continue up into the NE as it weakens.

The NWS is issuing warnings (which are really bad) and watches (which aren’t good, but are better than warnings) for most of the East Coast and it looks like that whole side of the United States is going to get Earl’ed in some way…it might just be some big storm surf (like parts of Florida are going to see) or it might be the always-fun Cat-3 or Cat-4 storm mowing down your stretch of the beach like the OBX might have happen.

If you live or have loved ones over on that side of the US….you can keep up with Earl’s progress, as well as the warnings/watches on the National Hurricane Center’s website

Here is the main page for finding about Earl’s status


Here is the latest forecast advisory (including all of the areas with the warnings and watches currently in place).


And finally this is where you can get the latest live GOES satellite images…


Good Luck over there!


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