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(Tuesday) 5.13.14

Surfer Profile – Elijah Fox…one of Kauai’s Rising Stars

Elijah Fox isn’t even 15 and he is already putting together an impressive surfing resume…he has had solid finishes in both the Kauai and Hawaii State Championship events…snagging the 2013 state championship last year, and still finishing well (despite fighting a bad staph infection) in the 2014 contest.

I got to hang out with Elijah and his dad Charlie, (a fellow meteorologist and excellent surf-forecaster), at last year’s Lowers event and have been keeping a lookout for news on his growing surf career. I was bummed to hear about the bad timing of the staph infection…but after a month of recovering Charlie shot over a video of Elijah shaking off some of the dust on some playful sized Kauai waves…(keep in mind that this is him ‘recovering’)

I have a good feeling that we will be hearing a lot from Elijah over the next several years…so I thought it might be fun to ask him a few questions to get to know him a bit better

Name: Elijah Fox
Nickname: E or Salty
Hometown: Kapaa, Kauai
Sponsors: Rip Curl, DHD Surfboards, Kreed, Cobian

Favorite Waves
- On Kauai – I can’t say, but it’s sand bottom
- In Hawaii – V-Land
- On the Mainland – Lowers
- Worldwide – Not there yet

Any trips you want to go on but haven’t yet? (Any particular reason you want to go there?)

INDO. Perfect, draining barrels.

What boards are you riding right now? Got a favorite? And Do you find yourself switching up your quiver a lot or do you generally stick to similar boards when you travel?

I ride DHDs. My model of choice is Puzzle Piece. I ride a 5-9 and 6-0 when the waves are fuller. I’m growing so fast that I need bigger boards, which I’m having made right now for California in June, those will be 5-10 and 5-11s. I’m gonna try the Mick Fanning model, Skeleton Key, and the trusty Puzzle Piece.

If you had a choice would you: 1.Go on a trip to a world class wave on your own? Or would you rather surf fun waves with your buddies at your home breaks?

I think I’d take the surf trip…sorry buddies. I surf Kealia most days, if you know anything about that wave, it’s a mess, and a lot like a washing machine. If I could bring a couple buddies on the surf trip, now that would be cool.

The last couple of years you have been having some great success in contests…big wins in the Hawaii State Championship and the Rip Curl Grom Search to name a few. Where are you competitively right now?

I’ve done well locally, but just sucked at State’s because I had a really bad staph infection on my foot. I couldn’t surf for about a month. When I paddled out in my heat, I hadn’t surfed in a couple weeks, the pain was so bad when I stood up, I felt like a kook. I went out anyway since I was seeded in the semi finals to try to qualify for the Prime at Lowers.

Any contests coming up that you are getting amped up for?

Yes. The Rip Curl Grom Search at HB, and the Prime event at Lowers in June. The Prime is the one, I really want to do well at. I’ve had trouble at lowers before since the wave is slower than waves I’m used to on Kauai, so I sort of bog. I’m getting a new EPS Skeleton Key from DHD that should fly at Lowers.

If you could surf a heat with anyone (past or present) who would you want to square off against?

Kelly Slater or John John. Both those guys are insane. I would love to just learn from them in heat environment.

Anything in particular that you are shooting for long-term? (Do you want to be full-time professional surfer? Or do you have other things you would like to do?)

I would like to be a pro surfer, of course. But I’m almost 15, so pretty young, so a lot can change. I definitely don’t want to be a bum.

What are your favorite things to do out of the water?

I train a lot now, cross fit type stuff, it’s quite painful, but I’m learning to enjoy it. Also I love to fish and play Kendama (my dad hate hates that thing).

You were rocking quite a bit of Country Western on your playlist last year at Lowers…not that I am knocking your musical taste…but what percentage of your ipod do you think is Country? And of course who is your current favorite?

None. That was my dad’s and my brothers. They are the hillbilly’s. I like country music, but just not for surfing, or on my surf videos, which they always make when I’m not around. When I have a choice I listen to the popular pop station.

Finally how often do you shoulder-hop your Dad?

A lot. Actually, he hops me, since I catch more waves than him.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

My parents and sponsors who make it possible for me to have all this fun.

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