(Friday) 6.21.13

Not All Boards Were Meant to Ride Waves

A long time ago somebody abandoned this awkward board, full of cracks and dings, in the board rack. We purchased some copper piping and some gerber daisies and dug out some leftover unused materials from the garage to bring this dust covered surf relic back to a new and awesome life.

SONG // Wax Tailor “Que Sara”

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  • http://www.solspot.com/ Adam Wright

    the whole video is pretty sick, well produced, good music, and a great way to keep the soul of an old board alive. The high-5 at the end is classic!

    Great work guys!

    • Chris Tran

      Thanks for the comment Adam! But more importantly, thanks for creating awesome surf forecasts where I actually learn a little something about what the hell is going on with the weather.

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