South Africa Surf and Weather Maps

Spot Current Day 3 (forecast) Day 5 (forecast)  7 Day Peak
Jeffreys Bay
offshore (W) at 15 mph
5-6 ft
3-4 ft

South Africa Surf Regions

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    World Buoy Heights
    (Highest Predicted)

     24 Hour Forecast 
    SE Papa Buoy
    20.1064 feet at 16 seconds from (W) 276°
     3 Day Forecast 
    South West Ireland Buoy
    17.9744 feet at 14 seconds from (WNW) 300°
     5 Day Forecast 
    Vancouver Island Canada Buoy
    21.5496 feet at 15 seconds from (W) 272°
     7 Day Forecast 
    South West Ireland Buoy
    19.8112 feet at 11 seconds from (SW) 225°