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Austin Gendron
(Tuesday) 5.23.17

SSW-SW mix continues through the week.

Central America and Mainland Mexico Short-Range Surf Forecast

SSW (190-200) continues to ease through the middle of the week as new SW (210-220) fills in to mix with the leftovers.  Wave heights should be running small to moderate through the second half of next week.  Over the weekend into early next week we’re expecting a smaller mix of of SW (215-225) and medium period S (180-190).  Read more for details.

Leftover SSW (190-200) eases slowly into midweek, as new SSW-SW (210-220) takes over.  The new pulse of energy isn’t as big nor as strong, so wave heights are expected to ease into the waist to head high range along the exposed coast over the next couple days, with standouts still seeing occasionally bigger set waves going head high to overhead+.

Surf will start to ease again Friday/Saturday… then we’re expecting most of the exposed coast to settle into the waist to head high range.  There will be a kind of funky mix of inconsistent SW (215-225) and medium period S (180-190) in the water through early next week.

Tropical Outlook

Costa Rica | Nicaragua | El Salvador | Southern Mexico

Long-Range Surf forecast Central America and Mainland Mexico

North Pacific Swell Forecast

North Pacific isn’t showing much of anything.

South Pacific Swell Forecast

Long-range models aren’t showing much through the middle of next week as we saw above, but they are looking a little more interesting for the second half of next week and the following weekend.

The models are starting to showing the storm track being a little bit less zonal, with a wave developing south of French Polynesia later this week.  That northeast push with help angle a little more of the fetch in the right direction.

A couple more fronts working their way NE will add some more energy to the mix, and direct at least a nice small to moderate sized swell towards the region.  As of right now we’re probably expecting a mix of SSW-SW (200-215) to arrive around June 2nd/3rd.  The surf should be fairly consistent, but there’s no guarantee that it will be big, a matter of fact its more likely to be in the waist to head high+ range along the exposed coast than anything else.  Either way I’ll have some updates for you later this week. Stay tuned.

Next Forecast should be expected on Friday the 26th.

Austin Gendron
Surf Forecaster